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The Essential Festival Survival Kit

Photo from Flickr by xian pitt

For people who are setting off on the adventure of a lifetime, there are a few things to consider before jumping out of the starting gate. These things will save a traveller’s hide many times; during festivals and travelling throughout different parts of the world.

Whether you already have Reading Festival tickets or you are looking to buy tickets for an overseas event, here are some basic staples. Many of these items could be bought before setting off travelling. However in order to save space, money and baggage weight going through customs, consider picking them up at a local supermarket before the festival.

 A decent phone:

With access to GPRS or Google maps. An important fixture of any traveller’s survival kit, a good phone will assist in navigating everywhere and is more portable and easy to use than a paper map. However, it may not be the best idea to purchase the most expensive phone on the market for travel or festivals in case of accidents.

A Warm Fleece:

Even in the height of summer, the temperature can drop significantly at night and be intolerably cold.  Always pack something warmer for sleeping – that’s if you’re not too busy partying until the small hours at a festival to worry about sleep.


Can be worn underneath clothes and easily dry off on the body in case of torrential rain, a foam machine, practical jokes and other festival calamities.

To Jean or Not to Jean?

That is the question. The answer is an unequivocal NO.  Jeans are made from a non-breathable fabric that gets easily waterlogged and takes forever to dry.  Although they’re sexy and cool, jeans can be a nightmare to wear travelling, a bane on the existence of the backpacker.


These are the things that seem a hassle to carry, but will be sorely missed in the likely event that travellers feel ill, tired, itchy or dirty during the festival. The bread and butter of backpacking essentials: toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, antiseptic cream, loo roll, wet wipes, can opener, bottle opener, matches or lighter, spare batteries, painkillers, a towel, waterproof wallet for festival tickets, cash and insect repellent.

Watch Out:

Carry any valuables such as mobile phone, cash and cards on the body at all times. Anything else that’s valuable such as jewellery or a computer, should be stored at another location or with a friend and not taken to the festival. Once the nuts and bolts of the survival kit have been sorted out, it’s time to have fun!

Aaron Bradford has written 156 articles. Aaron is the leader, mentor and chief geek of the Happytime team. He put together this crack team of travel writers known by codename “The Firm“. Twitter: @b4ubackpack | Google profile |

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