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Pro Packing Guide For Weekend Breaks

Photo from Flickr by lil 1/2 pint

Photo from Flickr by lil 1/2 pint

With rising fuel prices and strict airline baggage allowances, the days of bringing an extensive collection of suitcases on holiday are well and truly over. Today, travellers are packing as light as possible, both to save money on airline fees and to save time while in transit.

If you’re planning a weekend break but don’t know how to fit several days’ worth of clothing, hygiene products, and technical equipment into a modest suitcase, read on to learn four strategies that will revolutionise the way you pack.


Bringing valuables? Pack them between your soft clothing

Nothing is worse than dropping one of your bags while in transit and breaking a valuable possession. From notebook computers to jewellery, dealing with broken items on holiday is something that no traveller wishes to experience. Instead of overspending on an expensive hard case, try packing your valuable items between layers of clothing. A couple of t-shirts or a pair of jeans can be all it takes to prevent your valuable belongings from sustaining damage during a flight.


Carrying a formal jacket? Roll it for crease-free traveling

Folding suit jackets leaves them covered in creases and unsightly lines. Instead of cramming your suit into a small suitcase or checking a garment bag, roll your suits and formal jackets into a tubular shape to prevent them from wrinkling.

This video demonstrates how a full two-piece suit can be rolled into a tiny cylinder for travelling. Instead of having to press your pants and jacket after you arrive, use this simple two-minute method to keep your formal wear neat and ready to wear. Or if you’re planning a more casual getaway, this video will show you how to fold your t-shirts in under 2 seconds.

Keep a ‘to pack’ list and tick off items as you’ve packed them

Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination without an essential item. From outfits to laptop computers, leaving something important at home is a common yet easily preventable packing mistake. Before you pack your bag, prepare a list of ‘must pack’ items and tick them off as you pack them. Good items to add to your ‘must pack’ list include travel documents, keys and access cards, and printed itineraries and hotel booking confirmations.


Traveling by air? Under-pack to save on baggage fees

With fuel costs rising and competition growing fierce in the airline industry, more airlines are introducing extra fees for checked baggage. If you check an additional bag, you could end up paying anywhere from £20 to £50, even on a short flight.


Likewise, if your bag exceeds the airline’s weight limit, you could end up paying an extra fee. Before you pack your bag, check the airline’s weight and size restrictions to make sure that your luggage complies with them. If your bag is close to exceeding the size restriction – typically a measurement of the bag’s total volume – try under-packing to give it some room to move. If you’re using a soft carry-on bag, you can under-pack to squeeze it into the airport bag checkers.


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Aaron Bradford has written 156 articles. Aaron is the leader, mentor and chief geek of the Happytime team. He put together this crack team of travel writers known by codename “The Firm“. Twitter: @b4ubackpack | Google profile |

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