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How to Find a Good Deal on Travel Insurance


Anyone who has ever needed it will tell you how important holiday insurance is. Whether it’s because you have lost your passport, your flight has been cancelled, you fall ill and need to cancel your holiday, or you intend to go off-piste skiing, there are dozens of different reasons to book holiday insurance – and the right level of cover will ensure you are properly protected should the worst happen.


But how do you find the right level of cover – and ensure you’re not paying over the odds for it?


Booking through your travel agent or holiday tour operator is a great way to find the right level of cover, particularly if you book through an established operator like Thomas Cook. They offer a range of policies which allows you to customise and personalise your insurance cover to suit your needs. For instance you can opt for a single trip or an annual policy, go for a standard level of cover or bump it up to a superior level with the highest range of cover, and add on extras such as cover for winter sports, cruises, weddings and independent travel.

You can speak to a holiday agent to compare prices or shop around for travel insurance quotes by scouring the search engines for insurance providers online, using comparison websites to weigh up the various policies and prices. In many cases you will also find travel insurance by other means such as your bank account provider, and you might get a great deal by booking annual holiday insurance through your existing car, home or life insurance supplier.


Whichever way you do it, it’s well worth shopping around to ensure you get the best deal. And more often than not, if you intend to travel more than once during the year, an annual policy will often be more economical – and easier to organise – than buying single trip insurance every time you travel.

Aaron Bradford has written 156 articles. Aaron is the leader, mentor and chief geek of the Happytime team. He put together this crack team of travel writers known by codename “The Firm“. Twitter: @b4ubackpack | Google profile |

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