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Essential backpacker beauty tips

*girl lying on a beach

**Some of the links in this article are affiliated (if you click and buy we make a little commission) but we’ve made sure they’re all relevant.**
Looking your best when backpacking around the world is tough! You will undoubtedly find yourself in a pair of fisherman pants and a baggy vest, wearing the same old pair of grubby flip flops day in – day out, but when it comes to beauty products I’ve found a few key items can make all the difference!

Being in the sunshine promotes hair and nail growth so a good pair of tweezers to stay on top of unruly eyebrows are essential. They may seem expensive but Tweezerman tweezers get the job done! They make plucking on long bus journeys a joy (in my experience there is nothing more satisfying than eating a chunk of a long bus journey plucking your eyebrows, you really have time to devote to creating that perfect arch). To that end a nail file is also incredibly useful.

Backpacking can wreak havoc with your hair, take it from someone who knows! To much time in the sun and sea, hopping in and out of air-con constantly and one very dodgy Thai root touch up left my hair frazzled, with the help of a few simple products this is completely avoidable! Protein spray with a UV protector is a backpacking beauty, wonder product! You apply to dry hair and it protects from sun damage, pollution and it moisturises – which helps combat the effects of harsh air conditioning.
Another beauty essential is leave in conditioner. I love the Aussie range as it actually works and smells damn good! A spray is preferable to give even coverage, I also find a spray leaves hair feeling less weighed down with product. Unless you have a hair-dryer (which I did for about a month before I realised it is to hot to hair dry) a quick spritz and a scrunch ensured my air-dried hair had a wonderful bohemian beach curl. If you have room in your backpack, a small pot of hair treatment ( again Aussie’s 3 minute miracle is great) will really help your hair stay fresh.

So…you’ve spent hours on the beach perfecting your tan, the key to maintaining this? Moisturiser! I am a firm believer in the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream range. It has a beautiful botanical smell – rumour has it that the ingredients they use have the same healing properties as Tiger Balm. The body cream will leave your skin feeling as great as it smells, it isn’t greasy and a little bit goes a long way. The serum is also an excellent protector. I found when on long bus journeys this stuff kept my skin from drying out due to the tenacious air conditioning.

Your body is polished, your hair is moisturised and now to the fun part…the make up!

What make up to should I take backpacking?

For me has always been such a dilemma!

Like many women I love my make up, and if you ask me, you should pack as much as you can get away with! A good friend of mine was convinced before backpacking that make up was unnecessary, she wasn’t going to a fashion show, but on a life experience. And while this is true – backpacking means backpackers, backpackers means bars and this all adds up to a lot of going out! My friend found herself going out every night without a stitch of make up on wishing she had packed at least her mascara!
If space is at a premium these items should be the bare bones of your make up bag.
In my opinion, nothing looks better with beach bronzed skin than dark smokey eyes. Waterproof mascara and a MAC Kohl eye pencil can really glam up your look for the evening. Also a good bronzer (and if you have room) a highlighter will compliment your sun-kissed look, the Benefit range is a personal favorite! I tended to find foundation too heavy for day to day use, but a tinted moisturiser (Laura Mercier’s Illuminating tinted moisturiser is perfect) gave me enough coverage without making me feel greasy, be sure to choose one with an SPF factor so not only will you look good, but your skin will be protected to!

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