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Dune Surfing in Huacachina, Peru!

Night scenes at Huacachina

photo from Flickr by: timsnell

Peru is an enchanting country, full of history, culture and some wicked surf breaks but one place I was not expecting to find myself was in the middle of the Peruvian desert on the top of a 40 foot sand dune with a snow board under my feet, seconds from launching into one of the craziest thrills I have ever experienced, dune surfing!

After spending a few weeks a mere 40 kilometres south of Lima, surfing some of the best Peruvian breaks such as Pulpos, Caballeros and Pico Alto, I had heard of a mystical little desert oasis called, Huacachina. A chilled out little town set on a beautiful green lagoon surrounded by rolling yellow sand dunes, a true haven under the harsh desert sun. Huacachina had fast become a fave tourist spot for those seeking adventure and in the middle of the Peruvian desert; this came in the form of dune surfing!

Dune Surfing in Huacachina, Peru!

photo from FLickr by: timsnell

We set off in the late afternoon when the sand was cooler and the heat more forgiving. My dune buggy driver was a crazy local guy, and the buggy ride in itself was a thrill that I wasn’t expecting. I’ll admit, even with my years of experience as a snowboarder, dune surfing is harder than it looks and definitely not a sport for the faint hearted. I was over confident as per usual and within seconds had my first taste of a mouthful of hot desert sand. It tasted dry and bitter but the urge to conquer the vast desert dunes was now my mission . After numerous falls and slides, I quickly learnt to keep straight and just go for it. Dune surfing was a thrill like no other.

As I sat admiring the desert sunset with a cold beer in hand, I realised that this was what travelling was all about. Seeking adventures and places that I had never heard of, experiences that I had never even thought of, this was truly living and why I will always Remember Peru (Shazam).

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