Backpacking With Work

If, like me, you are someone who loves to travel the world, then finding a job that allows you to travel all over the world can be like striking gold. There are many careers that allow you to do this such as finance, working with NGO’s or even in the armed forces.

What do I need when travelling with work?

Some businesses provide everything for their employees when they are travelling, but not every business will, make sure that if you are travelling for work you have the following things:

Travel Insurance – Your company really should be providing this, so check with them before you travel for work as the last thing that you want is to get injured in a foreign country without travel insurance.

A Good Backpack – Finding the best backpack for business can make your journey a lot easier, and less painful on the shoulders! Backpack Reviewer have a great list of the best backpacks for business, so check it out!

Vaccines – This depends on where you are travelling for work, but for many locations such as in South East Asia or Africa, vaccines are a must!

A Phrase Book – Knowing some of the local phrases can make your journey a lot easier and can also impress your business clients, make sure that you get one!

Important Documents – If you are travelling for work, make sure that you have any documents that you need before you leave. I have had this mistake before, and trying to get important documents through the corporate network in a country with terrible internet access is not fun!

Oh yea, and finally, don’t forget your passport! Everything else you can buy once you get there!



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